Mission Statement


We create tailored furniture solutions to build quality work environments which assimilate the client’s corporate culture to promote collaboration, creativity, productivity and ultimately the organization’s overall success. We do this work locally, regionally and throughout the United States for established and newly formed businesses.

The process to achieve the desired results begins by tuning out industry rhetoric and focusing intently on the client’s needs, challenges and work processes. The objective is to gain insight about what is most important to the client and helping them achieve that desired result. Our relationships are built on trust, respect and an unyielding work ethic. We help our clients navigate the numerous vendors and products on the market to determine the best solution available for any given application.

We are believers in growing with our clients and investing in these relationships. The majority of our clients have turned to DRG for their office environments for many years and through multiple build outs, expansions and moves. They always know what to expect and have confidence in DRG to deliver the best solution possible and always do the right thing. Our success is not measured by the bottom line. Our success is measured in achieving total client satisfaction.