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Heather Bruno

Business Development Maven

Maven? That’s not a word you hear very often. Well, Heather’s not your everyday business developer. Joining DRG in 2018, she has taken the positive momentum of our company and accelerated it. Her passion for connecting with people and helping them build their businesses inspires our team and clients to dream bigger and reach higher. (Anybody looking for a motivational speaker?)

Heather’s 20+-year career in the fashion industry gives her a unique perspective on design aesthetics and reimagining spaces. When she’s not helping clients bring their visions to life, her creative mind and keen eye for repurposing materials are searching for hidden treasures—a passion that she is now passing on to her daughter, Scarlett. That’s where the “antiquing” gene stops. Heather’s son, Aiden, has zero interest in the craft. At least they can share Cub’s baseball together. Yes, the Chicago Cubs! Heather left Georgia and lived in the Windy City for 30 years. She said that she’d never move back home but, as Heather’s mom says, “Never say never.” Heather is back where she belongs—in Georgia and at DRG!

If you want to see all of the possibilities for your space, take a look at them through Heather’s eyes.


  • BAND:  Any 80’s Hair Band
  • MOVIE:  Napoleon Dynamite
  • TEAM:  Chicago Cubs
  • DRINK:  Whiskey Smash
  • QUOTE:  "You gotta keep on keepin' on" – Joe Dirt