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Lisa Drozdiel

Project Manager, Installation

DRG strives to make each step of the process, from the proposal through the installation, as smooth and seamless as possible. Lisa is an essential part of achieving that goal. And, when there are issues, her wealth of experience in the contract furniture industry helps her to solve them quickly and completely. Lisa’s positive attitude and extraordinary customer service skills have a way of making each customer feel like they are the only one.

Despite all of her professional victories, Lisa will tell you without hesitation that her biggest accomplishment in life has been raising successful children, lessons we are sure are being passed down to her grandchildren now as well. One of the many lessons that we’ve learned from her is not to be afraid of doing things differently. Lisa’s wedding was anything but ordinary. In fact, she won her wedding from Mike’s Hard Lemonade! The big event was held outdoors in a relaxed, backyard atmosphere and capped by a live performance by country and western star, Randy Houser. (mic drop)


  • BAND:  Def Leppard
  • MOVIE:  Grease
  • TEAM:  Any team that’s playing the Buffalo Bills
  • DRINK:  Coors Light
  • QUOTE:  "Say hello to my little friend!" – Scarface