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Ann Neuhierl

"The Furniture Lady"

You may be asking, what’s with Ann’s job title? Well, some people bring so much experience and ability to the table that a typical job title doesn’t do them service. With more than 15 years in the industry, Ann has developed quite a skill set. On any given day, you can find her meeting with clients to determine their needs, sketching furniture layouts, and finding solutions that help clients maximize their space and transform their environments.

Ann’s talent for revitalization isn’t limited to the indoors though. Her love of gardening has led to impressive results outside as well, which includes turning a mostly vacant yard into what people now call, “Neuhierl Forest.” It’s a collection of plants, shrubs, and trees that you have to see to believe. Gardening has also helped her develop the patience required for long lead-time, government-funded projects (local, state, federal, and Education).

Once you get to know Ann, you’ll quickly discover that she’s a walking encyclopedia of furniture knowledge. Whether it’s a team member or a client who has a question, they always know who to turn to – “The Furniture Lady.”


  • BAND:  Neil Young
  • MOVIE:  The Wizard of Oz
  • TEAM:  New York Yankees
  • DRINK:  Guinness
  • QUOTE:  "Fear is the mind-killer." – Frank Herbert, Dune