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Whether it’s a hotel, bar, restaurant, lounge, spa or another hospitality environment, your guests are seeking an escape from the dull, everyday routine. They want an experience that is comfortable, relaxing, stylish, and inspiring. Delivering that goes beyond patterns and colors. DRG looks at your entire existing or planned space and draws from multiple manufacturers to help you create an atmosphere that is modern, inviting, and consistent with your brand. 

Hospitality interior solutions from DRG feature:

Flexibility – furniture should adapt to your needs as they change; we have solutions that do 

Customization – as an industry leader, we work with many manufacturers that offer high-design, custom options

High wearability – our solutions are not only stylish; they’re also built for long-lasting performance and comfort

Enjoy exceptional service and hospitality yourself for a change. Our passionate and experienced pros are ready to collaborate and bring your vision to life, on time and within budget.