When our division was sold from our parent company, we were given a short timeframe to locate an office for our corporate staff, get it setup to our needs, and move. Once the location was decided, we had to get the office setup for our needs with required management offices, conference rooms, etc. We received bids from contractors in regards to build the office to our requirements. Based on the timeframe of the traditional contractor and build-out, we were not going to make our deadline. We were told of a new way to build out office space by using "removable walls" and that Diversified Resource Group (DRG) may have the answer to our needs. Chris, from DRG, came out to look over our office space. He was able to give suggestions, measured out the area, and reassured us DRG would be able to get the office setup according to our requirements and timeframe. Within a few days, Chris had the drawings, pricing, and timeframe to us. Not only did the quote come back with the job to be completed ahead of our needs, it also came in at about ~ the price of the traditional build-out bids. Even though the DRG pricing and timeframe exceeded our expectations, we weren't sure about how well the walls would be soundproof enough for people to be in one office with someone talking in the office next door. A trip to the showroom eliminated any concerns regarding sound. Chris stated if we still found that there was an issue with office to office noise, DRG had a solution for that also. We are here to say that DRG followed through with the timeframe, quality, and results they promised. They totally exceeded expectations! The executives could not believe their offices are "removable" as they look like normal office walls. The executives also mentioned they were amazed not only at how quiet the offices were but felt the offices may be even better with sound control than a traditional built office, and we didn't even have to use the solution for office noise that originally was a concern. The advantages of using DRG walls were pricing, timeframe of the build, and the ability to move electrical and wiring around with ease if furniture in a room needs to be moved around. If you are doing long-term or short-term build-outs for offices, you really need to look at the systems DRG have to offer. The versatility of moving walls around or moving the electrical outlets or computer hook-ups is an excellent feature to have based on office needs changing on a more constant basis in today's world. If you are not sure about the quality, contact me or another office that uses the DRG product but also visit DRG's showroom. You will not be disappointed!

Executive Assistant
Mondi Group