I would like to thank you and Diversified Resource Group for all the work tour team has performed for Bryant Wharton. Your continued commitment to earning our business, exceptional work ethic and professionalism are more than appreciated. Diversified has been an integral part of helping us manage our office interior needs from our 4 person office suite in 1997 through the construction and interior planning of our own building in 2004. Now, with over 30 employees, we are still relying on Diversified to manage our furnishing needs, maintain our furniture standards and provide operational solutions, as our organizational needs change.

As one of the Principals of Bryant Wharton, I realize the importance of partnering with a vendor who now only is an expert and leader in their industry but is committed to finding the right solutions for our facility needs while never losing site of our buying criteria. Your efforts are seamless to the operation of our business yet the impact of a functional office layout and furnishings provides a positive impact every day. Our employees enjoy their work environment and our customers are always impressed with the aesthetics of our office interiors.

We look forward to years of business together.

Chief Operating Officer
Bryant Wharton Consulting and Insurance