Conference Rooms

Create a conference room that has the “wow” factor with the help of Diversified Resource Group, Inc.. We can help design a conference room that suits the needs of your company. Whether you want a place where your employees can host clients or simply need an area where meetings can be conducted in a more productive manner, we have numerous options for you to choose from.

Conventional table-and-chair designs are becoming outdated, even in the conference setting. Diversified Resource Group, Inc. can show you the design diversity available to you, as well as which technologies can be installed in the conference room space to make it a truly dynamic environment. The goal is for you to be able to conduct meetings that have everyone’s attention.

Works best for:

  • Areas where large groups or presentations will take place.


  • Companies that plan on hosting clients or large teams in a single space that requires the use of technological tools.

Diversified Resource Group, Inc.’s prefered partners:

  • Spec Furniture
  • Global Total Office
  • Krug
  • Bernhardt