Collaborative Environments

Diversified Resource Group, Inc. can help with the identification and quantification of open spaces and other rooms that are critical to overall employee productivity, as well as controlling real estate costs. We’ll also optimize the space for productivity to make it possible to get more work done.

With the help of DRG, you can make sure technology is driving the use of each room whether it is used for productivity, social purposes or a combination of both. The end result will be improved collaboration and communication between your employees in these dynamic environments.

Works best for:

  • Multipurpose spaces, meeting rooms, training rooms, and other areas where interaction and collaboration between staff members is necessary


  • Companies who want high-tech spaces that support collaboration and communication between their employees

Diversified Resource Group, Inc.’s prefered partners:

  • Spec Furniture
  • Surfaceworks
  • Trendway Corporation
  • Loftwall
  • Dauphin
  • Eko Contract