Architectural Floor-to-Ceiling Walls

Architectural Floor-to-Ceiling Walls are a prefabricated wall solution designed to perform the same functions as drywall construction without the high costs and time loss that comes along with it. Whether you need to create a block of offices or want to install an additional breakout space, let Diversified Resource Group, Inc. show you how these prefabricated walls can benefit your business.

Unlike traditional drywall construction which requires workers from multiple trades, significant material investment and large chunks of time for installation, Architectural Floor-to-Ceiling Walls reduce the need for materials, time and effort in order to generate the maximum possible value.

Works best for:

  • Creating well-defined spaces that suit the needs of a company. Architectural walls perform in the same manner as traditional drywall construction.


  • Companies who need to redevelop their space while avoiding the costs and time loss associated with traditional construction projects.

Diversified Resource Group, Inc.’s prefered partners:

  • VOLO by Trendway
  • Trendwall by Trendway
  • Clear by Trendway
  • Evolve Furniture Group