Core Values

DRG Core Values

Darrell has based the Core Values of DRG around the same set of values adhered to at The Citadel and every day since graduation. These values apply to and have been embraced by all DRG team members and are absolutely non-negotiable.


First and foremost honor includes adherence to a Code. We “will not lie, cheat or steal, nor tolerate those who do.” The commitment to honor should be a life-long obligation to moral and ethical behavior for all men and women. Relegating certain circumstances to “it’s just business” does not make it any less applicable. In addition, honor includes integrity; “doing the right thing when no one is watching.” Finally, honorable behavior includes exercising the moral courage to “do the right thing when everyone is watching.” Honor is simply the foundation on which will build and conduct our business.


Simply, duty means to accept and accomplish the responsibilities assigned to me. Our primary duty at DRG is to perform professionally for the client and then to perform as a member of the DRG team and then as a contributing member of our community. We accept the consequences associated with our performance and actions. Only when we hold ourselves accountable for our actions, can we then hold others accountable for their actions. Finally, duty means that DRG Clients can depend on every member of the DRG team to complete the work they have been assigned.


Respect means to treat other people with dignity and worth – the way you want others to treat you. Respect for others eliminates any form of prejudice, discrimination, or harassment (including but not limited to position, age, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, physical attributes, etc.). At DRG, respect is paid in equal portions to clients, DRG team members, vendors, and all business and personal relationships. Finally, respect includes a healthy respect for one’s self.